“Old Hollywood” Style Icons and Bridal Trends – Part 3 – Marilyn Monroe

#3 MARILYN MONROE     No one will ever forget the classic scene from ‘The Seven Year Itch’ in which Marilyn Monroe stands over a subway grating in that famous white dress with her skirt billowing. Her still legendary performance where she sang ‘Happy Birthday Mr President’ at the celebrations for John F Kennedy, makes […]

“Old Hollywood” Style Icons and Bridal Trends – Part 2 – Audrey Hepburn

#2 AUDREY HEPBURN   Audrey Hepburn wore a Givenchy tea-length gown in the 1957 film Funny Face that was specifically created just for the wedding scenes in the movie. Audrey’s gown paved the way for this style becoming very popular in fashion design trends. In recent years the tea-length gown has re-emerged as a popular […]

How “Old Hollywood” Style Icons Still Influence Bridal Fashion And Trends Today – Part 1

Although many aspects of fashion have changed over the years there are still a few classic looks that have stood the test of time and continue to be popular in bridal and fashion trends today. From gowns to hairstyles and makeup looks – some have stayed true to their classic style, a few have been […]

2014 Wedding Gown Trends

There are some stunning trends happening in bridal fashion for 2014!   See below for some of the beautiful styles brides will be choosing this year.   Sleeveless Gowns: Designer:  Blumarine Designer:  unknown Designer:  Jenny Packham/Audrey Gown   Decorative Cap Sleeves: Designer:  Sarah Seven Designer:  Stephanie Allin Designer:  Anna Campbell   Crossed Back Gowns: Gown: […]

Part 6 – Helpful Tips To Make You Look Amazing On Your Wedding Day: Makeup, Fragrances & Other Beauty Treatments

Makeup   Image via pinterest.com Even if you don’t normally wear it, having a professional do your makeup for you is all part of the pampering process to make you look and feel amazing on your special day.     Image via pinterest.com Talk to your make up artist about when you should start thinking about […]

Part 5 – Helpful Tips To Make You Look Amazing On Your Wedding Day: Dental Care

Dental Care   Have a dental check up as soon as possible so your dentist can advise you if you need to have any major work done on your teeth.    Even if you visit the dentist regularly you should book in to have a clean and polish a few weeks before to ensure you […]

“Must Have” Bridal Looks For 2013

‘Must Have’ Bridal Looks for 2013   For those of you that need to be in the know when it comes to what’s currently trending in bridal looks we have put together a list of up-to-date ‘must have’ looks if you are getting married in 2013.   According to our fashion savvy sources here are […]

Part 4 – Helpful Tips To Make You Look Amazing On Your Wedding Day: Exercise & Weight Loss

Weight Loss and Exercise   Most of you as brides-to-be will be thinking about either wanting to do some toning up or maybe would like to loss some weight before the wedding.    Image via www.pinterest.com   Start thinking about taking some positive steps towards a healthier and more energized you by either arranging to […]

Part 3 – Helpful Tips To Make You Look Amazing On Your Wedding Day: Hand & Nail Care and Tanning

Hand & Nail Care and Tanning   Image via www.pinterest.com Hand and Nail Care Your may not have considered it however your hands will be as much a focus on your wedding day as the rest of your look, so having well manicured and healthy looking hands and nails is an absolute must. Remember, you […]

Getting Your Wedding Plans In Motion

Getting Your Wedding Plans In Motion   Image by Rob Dose Photography   Whether you have just announced your engagement or have already had your engagement party it’s never too soon to start planning and thinking about what you want for your wedding.   Wherever you are in your wedding planning journey we know it […]