Believe it or not but where you are having your wedding ceremony can play a big part in the type of shoe you should wear on your wedding day!  For instance, if you are having your wedding ceremony where there is grass or paving you need to think about the fact that some heels can get stuck in this type of surface so ensure you either wear a wider heeled shoe, no heels or arrange for a carpet to be rolled out where the aisle will be.


Walking on hard surfaces can also make your feet and legs quite sore after a while so wear a cushioned sole or inserts in your shoes to make them more comfortable.

If you don’t normally wear heels it’s probably not a good idea to choose your wedding day as the first time you try wearing a heeled style.  Try a slightly elevated ballet flat or a very low wedge and practice walking in them in the months before the big day so your feet can get used to the feeling of wearing these types of shoes.


You will be spending much of the day standing or walking around so it’s probably a good idea to choose a ‘sensible heel’ height, don’t choose sky high stilettos or platforms if you normally wear a low heel or flats most of the time.


Remember to ‘wear-in’ your wedding shoes by scuffing the bottoms on a rough surface to avoid them slipping and wear them around the house in the weeks leading up to your wedding to avoid blisters and soreness on the day.


If you’re game to be a bit less traditional choose a coloured shoe, they make a fabulous ‘something blue’ in a striking shade of cobalt, navy or turquoise.


Consider taking a second pair of shoes such as ballet flats or something you will be comfortable dancing in at the reception.  This way you can enjoy your night without battling sore feet.  Even if you are used to wearing heels they can become a bit much after you have been wearing them for 4 hours or more!





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